Saga Dawa Duchen

Lama Mingma Sherpa, along with six KSK members, and many others from the Tres Orejas and Questa sanghas attended a ceremony for the 3-year retreatants on Saga Dawa Düchen at the Vajra Vidya Retreat Center in Crestone, Colorado. Ten retreatants completed three year-retreat, all becoming lamas themselves, and were honored by V.V. Kyabje Thrangu Rinpoche, the Khenpos of Vajra Vidya, visiting lamas and the retreatants’ families and friends. It was a joyous occasion as “Cloud Banks of Nectar,”  a smoke offering practice was led by Rinpoche, followed by offering of representations of enlightened body, speech, and mind to Rinpoche, tea and rice, circumambulation of the cloister, and dedication and aspiration prayers. May all beings benefit. Tashi delek. sagaDawa2016-1


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    Rita says

    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sight, to see the retreatants, Dear Lama Mingma Sherpa, the Very Venerable Kyabje Thrangu Rinpoche and guests as they increase benefit for all Sentient Beings. Long may Buddhism flourish.

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